Whimsical Figures at Santa Fe Shop

The work of Justine Ferreri can be seen exclusively at the Santa Fe Shop in Fish Creek.

Ferreri was born in Irumagawa, Japan. She has lived in North Carolina more than half of her life and considers herself a true-blue North Carolinian who now creates her art in Wilmington.

As a young woman she studied art, mostly in the performing fields of ballet, modern dance, guitar and musical theater. Ferreri began her career as an artist in the 1990s. She and her husband were in the restaurant business when she decided she wanted to do some large sculptural pieces for a special event they were having. She started working with papier-maché, doing full sized sculptures of people and animals.

She began working in clay by accident. A friend had a kiln and was getting ready for a show and mentioned to Justine that she might want to make some things to enter and offered the use of her kiln. Her current medium is now earthenware.

Pulling from her constantly flowing imagination, Ferreri creates a world in clay that comes to life, each sculpture is a conversation piece. Her jesters and circus pieces come from living in Wildwood, New Jersey and the carnival atmosphere of the boardwalk.

Everything Ferreri creates is inspiring to her and she refuses to create anything that isn’t inspiring or uplifting. Santa Fe Shop is located at 4147 Main St. in Fish Creek. For more information visit

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