White Gull Earns Travel Green Certification

The White Gull Inn became the 31st business on the Door Peninsula to garner Travel Green Wisconsin certification in May, earning a total of 75 points.

The inn began the certification process about a year ago by compiling a self-checklist of environmentally friendly practices. “At that time, we had more than the required points to apply and receive certification, but the checklist reminded us that we could do much more,” said owner Andy Coulson.

The White Gull has purchased all of its whitefish, cherries, maple syrup and preserves locally since Coulson bought the business in 1972. Because the inn features Door County fish boils in summer and fall and has a busy breakfast business all year, local suppliers represented a large portion of food purchases. Coulson is finding ways to buy an ever-increasing amount of local produce, aided by the ever-growing number of local producers.

Among other sustainable efforts:

• Composting kitchen waste

• Providing water upon request

• Recycling heat from refrigeration units to preheat water for the inn

• Letting guests decide if they need new towels each day

The process of going Green has been very educational, Coulson said. “We realized we were already doing a lot, that we could easily do a lot more, but more importantly, we realized how much we are not doing,” he added. “There is still a lot more to do. There continually are new green products such as compact fluorescents to accommodate every type of lamp and environmentally sensitive cleaning products coming on to the market all the time. There are also a lot of helpful articles in the local media and on the Web, so it is easier to do than it was even a few years ago.”

Travel Green is a program within the Wisconsin Department of Tourism to recognize businesses operating in a more environmentally conscious manner.

To qualify a business must be tourism-dependent and undertake a comprehensive review of its operations. The process includes evaluation of energy use and sources, efficiency, and steps taken to reduce waste, such as composting, recycling, or heat conservation.

A business must earn 30 points to be certified. For more information visit

Door County’s Travel Green certified businesses and points earned:

Door County Kayak Tours 34

Washington Island Hotel, Restaurant and Culinary School 34

Bay Shore Outdoor Store 36

The Bridge 43

Come On Inn 47

TR Pottery 48

Rock Island State Park 50

Door County Sustainability Fair 50

Birchwood Lodge 51

Little Sweden 52

Washington Island Ferry Line 53

Havenly Inn 53

Quiet Cottage on the Lake 54

Journey’s End Motel and Cabins 55

Greens ‘n Grains 57

Eagle Harbor Inn 40

Ecology Sports 58

The Ashbrooke Suites 59

Black Walnut Guest House 61

The Cookery 61

Country House Resort 61

Potawatomi State Park 62

Lodgings at Pioneer Lane 65

The Rushes 66

Blacksmith Inn On the Shore 68

Bread and Water 72

Peninsula State Park 73

White Gull Inn 75

The Flying Pig 78

The Cottage Retreat 88

White Pines Victorian Lodge 94