Who Put the A and C in the Tap?

When an establishment is around as long as the AC Tap, its name becomes a part of the local language, a word of its own. You can hear it – and say it – hundreds of times before you stumble one day and wonder what the heck the “A” and “C” stand for anyway. 

It turns out it was pretty simple. When Carl Becker and Art Smith bought the tavern from Irving Miller in 1947, they didn’t look past their first initials to come up with a name. Originally the A and C Tap, the owners eventually decided that was too wordy and shortened it to AC. Even that is a little long for locals, who usually refer to it simply as The Tap. Smith didn’t stick in the business very long, but his initial did.

Carl Becker.

The dive, known as a favorite of Green Bay Packers running back AJ Dillon and famous for serving food till 2 am, got new owners in April. After 22 years, stewards Steve and Tara Mueller sold to a group that includes their daughter Syndal and her husband Chris Chayer, Bibs Maloney and her husband Merih Bayirli, and Mike and Leah Sadler. 

The new owners have no plans to change the name to match all of their initials. 

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