Why Is It…?

“Why Is It…?” was designed by Dr. Steiner to address readers’ questions about human behavior from a social psychological perspective in order to inform and stimulate dialogue about the ways in which our thoughts, feelings and behaviors are influenced by the presence of other people. Dr. Steiner holds a Ph.D. in Applied Social Psychology. In addition to working as a university educator over the last 17 years, she conducts individual and group consultations in matters of social relationships and behavior.

Q: Why is it that this will be my last Why Is It…?

A: When I first conceived of “Why Is It…?” back in the spring of 2008, my intent was to offer a community-based column that might serve to inform and stimulate critical thought and dialogue on matters of social importance. It was my hope that, by shedding light on the many ways that social psychological dynamics affect our relationships as members of society, readers might gain valuable insights into how our thoughts, feelings and behaviors impact, and are impacted by, the presence of others. From the development of our own self-concepts to the workings of our interpersonal relationships, I have covered a broad range of topics that bear direct relevance to how we function, or fail to function, as social companions.

Over the last few years, I’ve discussed racism, sexism, media propaganda and institutionalized efforts to shape our perceptions, attitudes and behaviors into the narrowly defined, mediocre mindset of the status-quo – hindering our intellectual development, our propensity and willingness for critical thought and our overall free will as individuals. And while there is certainly no shortage of topics to explore, I am finding that the issues that humanity currently faces have now out-grown the structure and boundaries of this column’s current format.

From my perspective, the challenges we now face as a global community have surpassed and overshadowed the ordinary, everyday personal concerns of intimate relationships, parenting, occupation and recreation. There are changes underway that are of such a profound magnitude that only our urgent and immediate attention may suffice. But these topics aren’t glamorous, sexy or entertaining. They are central to the core survival and progress of humanity, and in many cases, may be regarded as “wave making” issues that “upset the apple cart” of the antiquated and oppressive structure that has dictated our existence.

Therefore, in order to address these broader issues, as well as a broader audience (as so many readers have suggested), I have taken my writings to an online format. Readers interested in following my columns may now log on (and subscribe to) my blog site entitled, “The Power of Social Consciousness” where I am posting regular articles pertinent to the social, political and spiritual issues that face us as we move into the months ahead (

The site is about us – a global human family that has been contorted into divisive subgroups of race, sex, nationality, religion and political and sexual orientation. It is about identifying and demystifying the social psychological dynamics that have formed our perceptions and interpretations of reality into an illusion that we call daily life at the hands of those who profit from our continued ignorance, apathy, indifference and learned helplessness.

It is about disclosing the many ways in which institutionalized forms of control, dominance and propaganda have become part of our daily psychological diet and have led to the anesthetizing of the human spirit. It is about waking up and unplugging from the Matrix of economic, political and social servitude into our rightful place as divine beings – capable and intended as co-creators of our own destiny.

It is about science and spirituality and the mutual agreement between the two. It is about truth seeking, veil stripping, and rising to the occasion of a collective unity consciousness where our human differences are celebrated – not feared. Where emphasis is placed on our commonalities versus distinctions – recognizing that we are one divine family.

It is about social empowerment and our personal responsibility to take back the reins that guide and direct our chosen future. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” And these words have never been more true or relevant than at the present moment as we face, head on, new challenges on an unprecedented scale.

I would like to thank the Pulse for graciously sharing their pages with me over the last few years and extend my heartfelt appreciation to the readers who followed and reflected on my contributions. I hope that our time together has been of value. In closing, I pray that each of you faces every new day armed with the ability, willingness and motivation to engage in critical thought as you embark on your own personal investigation of facts – for truth is the only path to freedom. With love to all, Linda.