Wild Tomato Moves to 3-0

JJ’s fell to 0-3 as the Wild Tomato continued its run through the league. Alexander’s put another loss in the Cornerstone’s column as they moved to 2-1.

Meanwhile, Horseshoe Bay was forced to play shorthanded for an entire game thanks to not having a female player in their matchup with Husby’s, a deficit they weren’t able to overcome.

Week 3 Results

Wild Tomato 5, JJ’s 0

Alexander’s 3, Cornerstone 2

Husby’s 8, Horseshoe Bay 1

Bye: Door County Brewing Company

Jan. 22 Schedule

6:30 Horseshoe Bay vs. Cornerstone

7:30 JJ’s vs. Husby’s

8:30 Wild Tomato vs. Door County Brewing Company

Bye: Alexander’s


Wild Tomato, 3-0

Husby’s, 2-0

Alexander’s, 2-1

Horseshoe Bay, 1-1

Cornerstone, 1-2

JJ’s, 0-3

Door County Brewing Company, 0-2



Brian Fitzgerald, 9

Mike Jaeckel, 6

Brian Tourmo, 5

Ryan LaPolla, 5

Matt Anderson, 4

Kennan Bastian, 4

Luke Charney, 4


Brian Fitzgerald, 6

Kennan Bastian, 4

Ryan Lapolla, 4

Steve Chomeau, 3

Freddie Bexell, 3

Mike Jaekel, 3

Mitch Nectar, 3

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