Winner Announced for Freighter Adventure Raffle

William Hackbarth of Appleton and Egg Harbor will enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime trip later this summer after having his name chosen among those who participated in the Door County Maritime Museum’s Freighter Adventure Raffle.

Hackbarth and three others of his choice will select a trip presented to the museum by Great Lakes Fleet, Inc. /Key Lakes, Inc. on one of three Great Lakes freighters, the Edwin H. Gott (1,004’), the Edgar B. Speer (1,004’), or the Roger Blough (858’).

Hackbarth and his wife, who will be accompanying him on the trip along with two other guests, were thrilled upon hearing that he had won the raffle.

“We really admire these great ships,” Hackbarth said. “We keep track of them on a regular basis. Shipbuilding and Great Lakes shipping have been special interests of ours.”

“The museum is appreciative of the fleet owners’ leadership to help preserve maritime history,” said DCMM Director of Development Trudy Herbst.

The Freighter Adventure Raffle “netted” the Door County Maritime Museum $9,775 in general operating support.