Winter Scavenger Hunt

It’s well known that winter is a slow time of year on the peninsula, so to curb your potential boredom or add some excitement to your snowy visit, try completing this Door County winter scavenger hunt with your friends and family members. Make it a competition to see how many of these challenges you can find or do in a day, or spread them out over the entire season and take as long as you need. You write the rules on this one. Just take pictures to document your success. 

If you want us to share your adventures on the web, send pictures of how much fun you’re having to [email protected] with the subject line “Scavengers.” Good luck!

1. Sled at Hill 17.

You don’t need to be a kid to enjoy speeding down the hill.

2. Acquire a lighthouse postcard.

There’s definitely a place around here that designs and sells postcards with lighthouses on them. Hmmm … Who would do that? Ask around. We dare you to buy one.

3. Pose with a mannequin at JJ’s; then order a Bernie.

Don’t know what that is? Well it’s delicious, that’s what it is. You’ll see.

The esteemed Bernie shot at JJ’s. Photo by Len Villano.

4. Take a snowy drive down German Road.

This is the perfect curvy road for a winter car ride, but beware of ice, and take the curves slowly.

Photo by Lucy Hodkiewicz.

5. Find the hidden rhino on the right side of County E when heading west toward Egg Harbor.

Don’t trespass on private property to pose with it, though – just admire (and photograph) it from afar.

6. Belly up and order a Bayside Coffee at the Bayside Tavern. We suggest doing it when they’re really busy. Brandon loves that. 

Brace yourself for a show (and for the server’s reaction), and tip well!

7.  Throw back a crow shot at the Cornerstone in Baileys Harbor. 

This mystery whiskey shot is absolutely terrible, but it’s guaranteed to warm you up after an outdoor winter adventure.

8. Go ice fishing.

Catching anything is optional, but you get bonus points if you do.

Photo by Tim Sweet.

9. Snowshoe or ski for free at Crossroads at Big Creek in Sturgeon Bay on Saturdays and Sundays.

You’re still reading this? You should already have skis on your feet after seeing the words “for free.”

10. Ride a horse in the snow.

Yes, you can do that. Kurtz Corral is open on the weekends during the winter. Reservations are preferred.

11. Order and eat a pickled turkey gizzard at the AC Tap.

The bartender might look at you like you’re crazy, but that’s because you are.

12. Add doorcountypulse to your Snapchat.

See what we did there?

13. Catch some winter waves at Cave Point. (Look at them, that is – don’t go getting into them. That would be very dangerous.)

They are quite majestic. You’ll thank us for this one. Just be safe!

14. Pose by the giant tambourine in Sturgeon Bay.

That’s the only clue you get!

15. Stick a dollar on the ceiling at Husby’s.

There’s a technique to learn. You might have to buy a beer or cheese curds while you figure it out.  

Photo by Len Villano.


We’ve placed Peninsula Pulse stickers at various places around Door County. Find five out of the eight that are out there in one day, and you’ll be a legend here at the Pulse. We’ll even throw in a special Pulse prize, like a hat or shirt, to the first five people who complete this bonus round. 

Prove to us you’ve done it by emailing your five photos to [email protected] with the subject line “Scavengers.”

Clue #1: This bar is neither here nor there, but known near and far. It has lots of spaghetti, bags and a shake of the day.

Clue #2: This place is an old town hall now run by a French man. It’s a great base for coffee and Superman. 

Clue #3: This spot became Wisconsin’s first land trust. You’re going to have to get more information inside. Did you know you can rent snowshoes here?

Clue #4: This formally dry town has a teeny, tiny shop that has great natural light. Inside you’ll find someone who’s known for her screenprinting.

Clue #5: Do you like hanging out in garages? Do you like taxidermy? Do you like sports? Go here.

Clue #6: This place is known more for its beekeeping than eggs.

Clue #7: ButterBurgers. Scoopie. Find a Pulse and find your clue.

Clue #8: There’s always something a-brewing here. Maybe Punk Ass Cat. Maybe Polka King. Maybe Clawhammer.