Winter Whimsy at Meadows Art Gallery

Sometimes artwork is fun to look at: color vibrancy, different combinations of color hues, compositional use of all art elements, subjects that show a sense of humor or irony, etc. The next show at the Meadows Art Gallery includes all of these elements and is titled Winter Whimsy. The work of the five artists included in the exhibit will bring smiles to the faces to all who visit.

“When Pigs Fly” by Pat Olson.

Pat Olson paints many different kinds of subject matter: people, children, landscapes and wildlife. Places and scenes of life experience trigger emotional responses and bring a very personal involvement in her work.

Ernest Beutel uses subjects, technique and composition like a cannon. He is also experimenting with drawing on computer. The electric color punch is at times breathtaking, but expect the unexpected.

Lori Weir is color – intricate color and design. Viewers are immersed in complex designs of multiple tones and hues. The symbols in her designs all have meaning beyond the surface.

Samantha Beutel can find the essence in every subject that she paints. She first finds the importance of whatever subject interests her, subjects such as animals, people, places and even vibrant color.

Assemblage sculpture by Nancy Akerly.

Nancy Akerly builds dimensional artwork. In her box constructions, the shadow and projections of the boxes themselves, set the stage for her master use of texture and color. The boxes are functional, but they have beauty and movement.

Winter Whimsy is currently on exhibit at The Meadows and will run through Feb. 17. The gallery is open 10 am to 5 pm daily, and the reception will be Jan. 21, 2 – 4 pm. The artists will attend and discuss their work. The Meadows Gallery is located in the Scandia Village at the top of Sister Bay hill. Go through the main entrance of Scandia Village and turn right at the main hallway. For more information, call 920.854.2317 or 920.854.4416.


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