Wisconsin Agriculture

A new study from the University of Wisconsin-Extension and UW-Madison looks at the economic impact of Wisconsin agriculture. Using 2012 figures, it updates a similar study done in 2007. “These updated numbers re-affirm what we have always believed, that Wisconsin’s agriculture industry is healthy, diverse and has a bright future. This report not only highlights the significant impact agriculture currently has on our state’s economy, thanks to the persistent work of our farmers and agribusinesses but also shows the steady growth that’s been accomplished since the last report was issued five years ago,” said Ben Brancel, secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, upon the study’s release.


The percentage increase of sales related to on-farm activity from 2007 to 2012, from $12.6 billion to $20.5 billion.


Number of jobs in Wisconsin dairy farming and processing.


The number of people working in agricultural-related jobs in Wisconsin, which is 11.9 percent of the state’s overall employment.

$5.7 billion

Labor income for on-farm activity (wages, salaries and proprietor income); $3.9 billion of that is in the dairy industry.

$20.5 billion

Amount of ag-related industrial sales.

$88.3 billion

Total amount of economic activity generated by Wisconsin agriculture.

The full report Contribution of Agriculture to the Wisconsin Economy: Updated for 2012 can be found at