Wisconsin Citizens Deserve Fair Voting Maps

Life is so much better when things are fair. When voting maps are fair, the people we elect need to listen to us. A fair map means better outcomes for communities: more resources for schools and services, greater equity in health care, elected officials who understand and address the concerns voiced by their constituents. Our vote is our political voice. Without fair maps, our voices are silenced, and our community’s needs are ignored.

On Oct. 28, the Legislature held just one hearing in Madison to hear the public’s response to its proposed voting-district maps – maps that will affect our lives, our state and our nation for the next decade. 

More than 200 people from around the state showed up to register opposition. Many waited hours to testify. Not one expert was produced to promote the maps, and other than the two party bosses who benefit most from the maps, not one person testified in support!

The maps proposed in SB 621/AB 624 are unfair and unjust. Maps drawn 10 years ago guaranteed one party would rule our Legislature for a decade. A panel of federal judges said they were so badly rigged they were unconstitutional. Nothing has changed. The new maps would cement that unjust rule for another decade. 

Wisconsinites believe in fair play and have said loud and clear, ‘We want fair maps!’ Fifty-five county boards have voiced support for a nonpartisan redistricting process. In poll after poll, large majorities of voters from both parties say maps should not favor one party over another. The maps now proposed are so bad that Princeton University graded them an F!

Contact Sen. André Jacque and Rep. Joel Kitchens today! Tell them to listen to the will of the people and vote no on the gerrymandered maps in SB 621/AB 624.

Jane Jessen 

Washington Island, Wisconsin