Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Releases General State Aid Amounts

As required by state statute on or by Oct. 15 of each year, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction provides the certified amount each public school district will receive from the $4.584 billion appropriated for general state aid for the 2016-17 school year, an increase of $108.1 million from the prior year’s appropriation. The actual aid to be distributed for 2016-17 is an increase of $122.3 million from 2015-16 due to changes in how the Independent Charter School and Milwaukee Parental Choice programs are funded.

Overall, 60 percent of the state’s public school districts (255 of 424) will receive more general state aid this school year than they did in 2015-16.

Aid payments for local schools follow along with their percent change from the previous year: Gibraltar – $4,153, -14.78 percent; Sevastopol – $26,980, -14.79 percent; Southern Door – $1,550,752, -15.02 percent; Sturgeon Bay – $3,911,076, 6.11 percent; Washington – $0, -100 percent.

Aid payments are based on 2015-16 audited numbers that include membership, property value, and eligible expenditures. General aid totals do not include per pupil categorical aid amounts, which are based on a three-year average of third Friday in September membership. That aid is $250 per pupil for the 2016-17 school year, totaling $211.2 million, and will be paid in March 2017.

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