Wisconsin Historical Society’s Latest Book Explores State’s Natural History, Geology

Tour Wisconsin’s unique geologic past with Wisconsin Historical Society’s recently published, Wisconsin State Parks: Extraordinary Stories of Geology and Natural History by Scott Spoolman. This book offers a deeper understanding of our state’s dramatic natural history, and explores the complexity behind the impressive landscape seen today.

Spoolman uses his accessible storytelling style to take readers through 28 of Wisconsin’s parks, forests, and natural areas where evidence of the state’s striking geologic and natural history are on display. Spoolman sheds light on the current landscape, drawing connections to ancient geologic processes, the evolution of the flora and fauna, and the development of human settlement and activities.

This book includes a selection of detailed trail guides for each park, which hikers can take with them on the trail to view evidence of Wisconsin’s geologic and natural history for themselves. For more information visit


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