Wisconsin’s Accessible Trails

In a special upcoming episode of Discover Wisconsin, the state’s top destinations for people with all abilities will be broadcasted across the Midwest. “Something for Everyone – Accessible Wisconsin” airs Sept. 20 – 21 and will reach more than 480,000 viewers across the Midwest including Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Northern Illinois and Upper Michigan.

Serving as tour guide and guest host is Jenny Addis, a motivational speaker and advocate for showing people of all abilities what Wisconsin offers to everyone. The show opens in Baraboo, at Mirror Lake State Park, which was the first state park to build a handicap-accessible cabin back in 1991. Since then, eight more accessible cabins have been built at other Wisconsin state parks. Addis explores other accessible features at state parks including an audio description device, adaptable kayaks, and special trails, boardwalks and grid systems that allow visitors access to their beaches and water features. Whitefish Dunes, among others, also make available a specialized beach wheelchair with large inflatable tires for easy rolling on the sand and into the water.

“There really is something everyone can discover in Wisconsin: our state parks alone have more than 650 miles of trails accessible to wheelchair users and others with mobility impairments,” said Danielle Bernard, writer and producer for Discover Wisconsin. “We’ve wanted to see this show topic come to fruition for quite a while now and are delighted to help make it happen.”