Wisconsin’s Eat Local Challenge

Wisconsinites are being challenged to spend at least 10 percent of their food budget on Wisconsin foods during the 10-day Eat Local Challenge Sept. 5 – 14.

“If every Wisconsin household spends 10 percent of its food budget on locally produced foods, we will have a $2 billion impact on our state’s economy,” said First Lady Jessica Doyle in announcing the project. “Buying Wisconsin-grown products supports our state’s agriculture, farmers, producers, communities and economies.”

Wisconsinites can sign up for the challenge by visiting The Web site allows participants to track local food purchases, network with others around the state, and link to resources for purchasing local foods, recipes, books and more. In addition, participants in the Eat Local Challenge can visit to search for local producers by distance, product or business.

Consumer interest in local food continues to grow in Wisconsin and harvest time is an excellent way to celebrate the state’s bounty and variety. Because of its agricultural diversity the state ranks third in the nation for number of farmers’ markets, behind California and New York; boasts numerous CSAs, or community supported agriculture farms; and enjoys a growing number of restaurants, grocers and businesses active in providing local foods.

The Eat Local Challenge is supported with part of $225,000 in funding from the state to promote and support local food networks in Wisconsin.