Witch Hunt Underway in Sturgeon Bay

Bob Loss’s recent letter in the Pulse is nothing short of a hateful witch hunt against the women on Sturgeon Bay’s city council. He has been known to stir the pot of controversy in Sturgeon Bay political matters for a while now and continues to display a deep-seated hatred against these women.

The other person that he referred to in his smear piece is me, and he doesn’t even have the courage to call me by name. But let’s return to the facts:  The city administrator’s contract does not fall under the same rules as other city employees. His job can be terminated with or without cause, as clearly spelled out in the administrator’s contract. This contract was part of the recent city council agenda packet, open to the public. Mr. Loss should get his facts straight before burdening us with his inaccurate spoils.

I am in favor of hiring a new administrator but I will not subject Mr. VanLieshout or his family to this political mud wrestling. He deserves a dignified process as spelled out in his contract.

If grumpy old men like Mr. Loss want to stay relevant in setting the course for our city then they should grow up, study the facts, and stop the shameful smear campaigns against the women on the Sturgeon Bay city council.


Hans Christian

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.

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