Sturgeon Bay – A year ago, when the usual parades were canceled during the pandemic, car parades sponsored by local chapters of the League of Women Voters (LWV), including the one in Sturgeon Bay, celebrated the 100th anniversary of ratification of the 19th Amendment, which granted women the right to vote. 

It was so much fun last year that the local chapter is planning another car parade for Thursday, Aug. 26, between 11:30 am and 1 pm. Decorate a car with “Votes for Women” signs, dig out an outrageously large hat to wear, recruit friends to do the same, and get ready to honk and shout. The car parade is open to anyone, LWV members and nonmembers alike – the more the merrier. 

Cars will line up north of the intersection of Jefferson Street and 3rd Avenue, and start at noon with the ringing of the downtown clock-tower bell. The parade will move down 3rd Avenue, turn right at Michigan Street, cross the bridge, go up Madison Avenue to the old school, go around the block, return over the Oregon Street Bridge and end with refreshments at Martin Park on 3rd Avenue.

Tennessee ratified the 19th Amendment on Aug. 18, 1920, and it was certified and adopted as the law of the land Aug. 26, 1920: Women’s Equality Day. In 1920, suffragists held car parades, and church bells rang at noon that day across the country.