Women’s Fine-art Galleries Host Art Crawl

The women’s fine-art galleries of Egg Harbor will host their annual Progressive Art Crawl on Aug. 12, 4-7 pm, offering a diversity of art and food samples at each of three stops. 

Angela Lensch Gallery, 7653 Hwy 42, started as the working studio and gallery for Angela Lensch’s hand-woven gold and silver jewelry, but it has now grown to include Tony Bessen’s outdoor copper and brass kinetic sculptures.

Cappaert Contemporary Gallery, 7901 Hwy 42, is Ginnie Cappaert’s working studio and gallery, and she also represents 50 other regional and national artists who work in painting, glass, clay, jewelry, sculpture and encaustic. Cappaert is known for her oil and cold-wax landscape paintings.

Off the Wheel Pottery, 4234 Cty E, is the working studio and gallery of Renee Schwaller, who features her own handcrafted ceramics, as well as paintings, glass, pottery and garden art by 20 regional and national artists. Her ceramic heart wall pieces will be a highlight during the show.

Pick up a punch card at your first Egg Harbor gallery stop – there’s no set order – and get it punched at all three galleries to enter a drawing for a gift certificate. Call 920.868.3987 to find out more.


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