Wood And Stone Highlighted at Plum Bottom

The Wood and Stone Art Show will take center stage at Plum Bottom Gallery on Oct. 23, 10 am – 5 pm. The featured artists will be at the gallery 1-3 pm, and artist talks will start at 2 pm.

Sarka Evans spent the first half of her life in Prague, Czech Republic. After she moved to the U.S. and retired from a career in clinical psychology, she pursued art and finds inspiration in landscaping and her large flower garden.

Ron Sekulski creates sculptures with playful designs that blend rustic and natural sensibilities for refined interiors. He seeks to celebrate design savvy with art that contributes a whimsical charm. 

Ash, black walnut and cherry bowl by Ed Brogan.

Ed Brogan loves the beauty and utility of wood and works to make beautiful, functional pieces. His process involves constructing pieces instead of turning a single chunk, and he enjoys anticipating the finished product.

Dave Robinson believes that being creative means figuring out how to fix, repair or build something for a DIY home project, so his reclaimed-wood medium allows him to create something new from something old by looking at grain patterns and other characteristics.

Much of the inspiration for Linda Deardorff’s work comes from the natural beauty and wildlife on her five-acre property. She seeks to create distinctive art pieces that provide enjoyment and shift the natural world into the home without further degrading forests or wasting resources.

The show is on display at the 4999 Plum Bottom Road location in Egg Harbor (920.743.2819) and online at

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