Wood-fired Kiln Opening at TR Pottery

Potters Tony and Renée Gebauer will unload their wood-fired kiln on June 14. The pots are available in the gallery beginning June 15.

“Usually we unload the kiln as soon as it is cool, then display the pots in the gallery with little fanfare,” said Renée. “This year we fired this kiln in early May, and have struggled to find a time to un-brick the door and unload the pots.”

Wood is the traditional fuel to fire pottery. The Gebauers’ wood kiln is a two-chambered, catenary arch kiln that holds about 500 pots. During a firing, the kiln is stoked every 5-7 minutes around the clock. Their firings last about 30 hours and the kiln reaches a temperature of 2,400º F. The prolonged heat, ash accumulation, and kiln atmosphere produces a rich, varied, and somewhat unpredictable surface that can be achieved through no other method. Although the Gebauers know what is in the kiln, unloading it always provides some surprises.

TR Pottery is a working studio and gallery located on Highway 42 in Fish Creek, next to The Cookery. The gallery is open 10 am – 7 pm Monday through Saturday and 10 am –  pm Sunday. For more information call 920.868.1024 or visit

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