Wood Orchard Market Welcomes You Try Before You Buy

Pumpkin butter or cherry butter? I must give them both a try!

When I spot a mustard, jam or salsa up for a taste or two – I partake. I crane my neck and reach past fellow samplers in search of the pretzels, crackers, or chips for dipping. I don’t even have to be craving dill mustard dip or apricot jam – if it’s there, I’ll try some. I’m surprised my obsessive sampling habit hasn’t put a few orchards out of business, especially Wood Orchard Market near Egg Harbor – a sampler’s paradise.

Let’s just go over the sampling options: pumpkin butter, cherry butter, about six different mustard flavors, dry cherries, dry blueberries, apples, mild cherry salsa, medium cherry salsa, hot cherry salsa, raspberry salsa, corn salsa, as well as dips, doughnuts, strudels and jams! (Don’t forget the free apple cider pops for the kids.) That’s a three-course meal right there!

Since the season of samples is upon us, I’ve decided to share a few tips for making the most of your sample experience (and those around you).

• Get a game plan.

Do you really need to try all five different styles of mustards and jams? You don’t want to go overboard and fill up before your dinner reservations (I’ve been there before).

• Take a single sample per item.

You know you enjoy the medium cherry salsa in one taste, not seven, so save some for the rest of your fellow samplers and keep our orchards in business.

• Wait your turn.

There is a limited amount of elbow room surrounding the sample trays. Take your time and when it’s your turn, take a dip and step out of the way.

• Try something new

This is your chance! Take those taste buds off course and try something you’re not familiar with…like cherry jalapeno jam or hot pepper jelly.

Happy tasting!

Wood Orchard Market is located at 8112 Highway 42 near Egg Harbor. For more information visit or call 866.763.2334.