WPPI Announces GreenMax Grants

Homeowners looking to build or remodel in communities served by Wisconsin Public Power Inc. (WPPI) member utilities have an opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint through WPPI’s GreenMax Home program. WPPI, a nonprofit municipal power company, is now soliciting competitive proposals for grants to help fund the construction of up to three net zero energy homes within WPPI member utility service areas.

As part of WPPI’s overall efforts to encourage public and community support for renewable energy, energy conservation and energy efficiency, the GreenMax Home program will help customers build highly efficient, environmentally friendly homes. Grants will be awarded to cover part of the incremental cost of designing and building a GreenMax Home over the cost of constructing a conventional Upper Midwest house. Incremental costs will include the design elements and technologies directly related to reducing energy use or producing energy through renewable resources.

“We are pleased to present another opportunity for homeowners in WPPI member communities to build and live in homes with net zero energy use,” said Senior Vice President of Customer Services and Administration Tom Paque. “The GreenMax Home program allows homeowners to take advantage of renewable energy technologies and demonstrate practical approaches to the efficient use of energy.”

WPPI’s GreenMax Home program supports the design and lifestyle choices that move a home from “highly efficient” to “net zero.” Net zero homes combine state-of-the-art green and environmentally friendly technologies and practices with renewable energy technology to ensure that the homes produce as much energy as they consume. To the greatest extent possible, the energy consumption (heating, cooling and electrical) of the homes will be provided by renewable energy sources.

The first WPPI GreenMax Home is now under construction in Black River Falls. The home is anticipated to be the first practical production of a net zero energy home in the region that can be reasonably and affordably replicated in a cold climate region. Proposals for the GreenMax Home program are due Dec. 30, 2008.

For more information, visit or contact WPPI Program Coordinator Kurt Pulvermacher at [email protected].