Write On, Door County Presents Special Poetry Program

Write On, Door County presents a very special afternoon program on Washington Island with visiting poet and performance artist Moheb Soliman. HOMES/Tied by Water is Moheb’s work-in-progress which has had him traveling and presenting around the Great Lakes for the past four months. He comes to Door County as his project nears its conclusion at the end of September. The program will take place at the Trueblood Performing Arts Center, Washington Island, on Sept. 14 from noon to 3 pm.Unknown

As a Joyce Foundation Fellow, poet and performance artist Soliman has spent four months tracing the entire Great Lakes coastline by land for HOMES/Tied by Water, his work-in-progress about nature, modernity, identity, belonging and more. As part of his creative work, Moheb will engage the public through a participatory art piece involving an overhead projector that he has used around the Great Lakes in which people can interact with and contribute to the project.

Come meet Moheb, learn about the project, and be a part of a local exchange about the place of nature in modern life and identity, the different narratives of belonging in the Great Lakes region.

Moheb Soliman is a poet and performance artist from Egypt and the Midwest whose work is oriented by themes of identity, modernity, belonging, and the limits of language in capturing experience. Follow his Great Lakes journey at

The program is open to the public and all ages are invited. For more information, call 920.868.1457 or email [email protected].

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