Year In Review at the Pulse

2010 was a hectic year at the Pulse, not only because we uprooted from our office of six years in Ephraim to settle into our new space in Baileys Harbor, but also because we produced more papers than ever before. Printing weekly from mid-June through mid-October was a new endeavor for the Pulse, and with it came more deadline crunches, a slightly elevated stress level and a little less sleep. The end result, however, is this, our 35th issue of the year.

Within our annual Year In Review Issue, we attempted to whittle down the information presented in the previous 34 issues of 2010, picking some highlights and newsworthy reminders of the year at large. The un-edited versions of our articles that you see here, as well as thousands more, can be found in their entirety on

Our trusty news editor, Myles Dannhausen Jr. also recapped some of the bigger news stories of 2010 – stories that cropped up in our pages issue after issue. Whether looking back on the Subway controversy or summarizing the mid-term election results, he was so familiar with the ins and outs of these stories that I wouldn’t be surprised if he wrote these in a single sitting on a noisy bus ride back from a Gibraltar boys basketball game.

We also took this opportunity to provide more context to the names printed so often in the Pulse – those of our staffers, contributors and columnists. Moving beyond their bios, we hope that their reflections on 2010 provide a little more insight into the Pulse’s identity within the Door community. As a locally owned and locally minded publication, each individual who shapes the pages of the Pulse has a connection to this place and a unique perspective that adds depth to our coverage. From Bonnie Spielman’s self-proclaimed “sports junkie” take on the year to Dr. Linda Steiner’s realizations after presenting at Oxford University, we hope that each of our shared experiences will make a connection with you, our readers, that keeps you picking up the Pulse issue after issue.

Part of that desire to pick up the Pulse and read it is derived from our covers, so we had our regular office crew pick their favorite covers. With 35 issues in 2010, we’ve printed 87 covers, and the selections that appear here further reflect the eclectic bunch that puts out this publication, as well as the eclectic nature of this place we call home. (To see a full collection of the covers of 2010 and provide your own feedback, visit our Archives page on and click 2010 Cover Catalog.)

We hope that you enjoy the Year In Review from the Pulse, as we recognize that we are indebted to you, our readers. Without your dedication to this community and your engagement with our paper, telling the stories of the news, arts and entertainment of the Door Peninsula would seem less satisfying, and the challenges of producing a newspaper – including all the tension that revolves around deadlines – would be in vain.