Year in Review: Best of the Podcast

This year was an intense one for the Door County Pulse Podcast. As a newer addition to Peninsula Publishing & Distribution’s offerings, it seemed that this was the year when everything had finally fallen into place for the podcast, and new and exciting things were just on the horizon for 2020. 

Then March came, and we all know what happened to everyone’s plans for the year.

When the pandemic forced us to work from home, the podcast was actually a fairly easy transition. Though we had always recorded in the same room, each track is separated in the mix to allow us more control over the edit. Therefore, recording remotely didn’t change the process very much at all. 

This smooth transition, coupled with the need to deliver news to the community as quickly as possible, led us to produce more episodes of the podcast than during any year before.

Although the circumstances of this year were certainly challenging, artists and business owners came up with incredibly innovative solutions to those challenges, and the podcast became a platform for those stories as well. 

Most-listened Podcasts of the Year
We had conversations with dozens of business owners, medical professionals, and leaders throughout the year to discuss how they were handling the crisis. Here were your favorites:

  1. Kaaren Northrop on Transforming Main Street Market on the Fly
  2. Dan Egan on the High Waters of Lake Michigan
  3. Mike Holmes Transforms Wickman House for a Summer of BBQ
  4. Dr. Jim Heise on What We’ve Learned, What We Need to Do
  5. JR Schoenfeld on How His Restaurants are Preparing for the Season

5 more episodes to check out

  1. How Myles Mellor Made Crosswords His Career
  2. Charlie Ransford of Cure Violence Talks Police Alternatives
  3. Watching The Last Dance
  4. James Larsen of Husby’s Responds to Trip Advisor Reviews
  5. Kurt Kiefer on Expanding Internet Access


114,085 listens this year

288 episodes total

116 episodes produced this year

60 guests with interesting stories

7 episodes published in one week in March

4 chats with Dr. Jim Heise of Door County Medical Center

3 podcast award nominations earned

2 hosts who’ve talked more this year than during any other

1 amazing community of listeners who tune in every week

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