Yin Yoga, Stretch and Meditate Classes

Fibonacci Salon and Studio (FSS) will be offering some new classes in the new year.

Starting Jan. 3, FSS will host Yin Yoga classes on Fridays, 4-5 pm. Many types of yoga foster growth and development of our strong, active “yang” energy without creating opportunities for the soft, subtle “yin” energy. In this class, participants will focus on the yin, which allows time to slow down and turn inward. Each pose will be seated or lying down. 

Stretch and Meditate classes will begin Jan. 9 on Thursdays, 10-11 am. The first part of the class will focus on slowly, gently loosening up tight, fatigued muscles through restorative yoga postures. Then we’ll transition into a meditation, using the breath to work toward finding calm and balance

Classes are offered on a drop-in basis. A one-time drop-in is $15; card packages offer five classes for $60, or 10 classes for $100. Card credits can be used for any fitness class. 

To learn more, call 920.868.5283 or visit