You Say Peel, I Say Pile

Last May the Pulsereceived a letter from Philip Graupner of Baileys Harbor regarding the misspelling of the sign for Reiboldt’s Creek.

Graupner, a German translator, pointed out that the creek was named for August Rieboldt, who with his partner Joseph Wolter, founded what today is known as Bay Shipbuilding in Sturgeon Bay. Rieboldt had property near the creek so people came to know it as Rieboldt’s Creek.

However, when a sign went up identifying the creek, it was spelled Reiboldt’s Creek.

“Nobody was willing to apply for the official change, so I did that myself,” Graupner said.

Graupner told the Pulse he would be pursuing the issue with the county, and he finally got his chance at the Jan. 15 meeting of the Door County Land and Water Conservation Committee, where a resolution was introduced to officially identify it as Rieboldt Creek (pronounced, Graupner pointed out, REEboldt). The resolution included officially recognizing the misspelled Piel Creek to Peil Creek (pronounced Pile). Graupner pointed out that while there are many Peils in Door County, there are no Piels.

“My only problem is we have only one person coming in here saying it,” said committee chair Ken Fisher. “Do we give a chance for someone who doesn’t want it changed?”

“His points are correct,” said Bill Schuster, head of the Land and Conservation Dept. “I hugely doubt anyone will object.”

The committee unanimously approved the resolution, and it now goes to the full county board, which next meets at 10 am on Jan. 27.

“I am happy they recognized the mistake and are correcting it!,” said Kristen Peil of Baileys Harbor Historical Society. “I cannot tell you how many times people who are new to the peninsula have told me I am spelling my name wrong!”