Young Bowlers Roll at Sister Bay Bowl

Five young bowlers learned about making spares during their Dec. 9 Junior Bowling lesson at Sister Bay Bowl. Bowler Jason Daubner explained to the young keglers where to aim when seeking a spare, then let them try to accomplish spares. Alex Shepit, 9, led with seven spares (he is pictured after getting his sixth spare). The weekly lessons for grades 1-4 run from 10 to 11 am Saturdays, followed by lessons for grades 5-8 from 11 am to noon. The cost is $6 per bowler per week. The class will run through Dec. 23, and then will go on hiatus so as not to compete with a Saturday morning basketball program at Gibraltar, but the class will return Feb. 17 after the basketball program ends. Photo by Len Villano.

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