Zoning Amendment Petition is Approved

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• The board has tabled for two months issuing citations for ordinance violations on the John Olson properties to provide the family with additional time to clean up the properties. Former supervisor Bob Tidball has offered to organize a work crew to assist the family with the cleanup. The board indicated it expected substantial progress when it decided to table the citation issuance.

• Highway committee chairman Mike Walker and administrator Kalms have placed yellow flags along Garrett Bay Road indicating the extent of the clean zone. Red flags beyond the yellow indicate the right of way of the road. The highway committee settled on a 20-foot paved surface with two-foot shoulders and four-feet beyond the shoulder for a clear zone. The board will consider that recommendation at the July 17 board meeting. It should be noted that chairman Walker provided a rather interesting vehicle for the highway committee walk through on the road.

• The board approved the zoning amendment petition recommended by the plan commission for the Thomas Rehberger property along Beach Road. The Rehbergers have created a community garden for Liberty Grove residents and have requested the additional property be rezoned to Heartland 3.5. They are planning to develop and operate a community supported agricultural (CSA) farm, which will produce fruit, vegetables and hops for microbreweries.

• The board of review will be held Aug. 21 beginning at 1 pm. Clerk/administrator Kalms was appointed to the board of review. Alternates will be Janet Johnson, Peter Sauer and Joe Carpenter. Open book with the assessor will be held July 27, 1 – 4 pm.

• The board had its initial discussion regarding the status and modifications to the Heritage Road Program. Both the board and highway committee are undertaking a review of the program.

• The town has begun advertising for a person to fill the town clerk position. After discussion with administrator Kalms and treasurer Johnson, the board concluded additional assistance was needed in the town office and to provide administrator Kalms with additional time for administrative duties.

• Parks and property recommended that the brush at the Ellison Bay Community Center and on the west side of Ellison Bay hill be cleared. The board approved that recommendation and brushing will be done in late fall. Arborist Stephen Christy provided input on how to proceed with the project.