5 New Ways to Use Maple Syrup from Linda Lorenz

1. Mix syrup with water and use it as a base for oatmeal. The maple-infused oatmeal doesn’t need anything else – just enjoy! You can also freeze the syrup-water mix in an ice cube tray for easy use (great in tea as well).

2. Using it as a glaze is really easy. Brush it on squash, just before you put it in the oven and bake it. That’s all.

3. Add maple syrup in a homemade BBQ sauce. You’ll love the smoky-sweetness.

4. It’s a great tenderizer for wild game. “When I make a venison stew or something like that, I’ll use maple syrup with a bunch of root vegetables and let it slow cook,” Lorenz said.

5. Use it to caramelize fruit. Heat a large saucepan, add a few tablespoons of butter, and brown the apples. Then add the maple syrup and simmer. Cook for 10 minutes, remove apples from the pan, add 1/3 cup apple cider or juice and continue reducing. After about 3 minutes you’ll have a thick, caramelized reduction to pour over the apples.

Lorenz also shared, “Maple syrup is much gentler on you, on your digestion, than processed sugar. You can use it in place of sugar a lot. You have to remember that it’s in liquid form. So whatever liquid you’re using in the recipe you have to reduce.”