• Burned by the Forecasters, This One’s Surely a Bull’s-eye

    We’re just a week away from Wisconsin’s gun deer opener, and all signs are pointing to much nicer weather than the Arctic blast we’ve experienced this week. A day after writing last week’s column, the long-term forecast took a big nosedive south. It was too late to change the column’s wording for the print edition, […]

  • Late Gun Deer Opener a Mixed Bag for Hunters

    Hunters have just two weekends left to sight in firearms, wrap up scouting and ready stand sites in preparation for the 2019 gun deer season opener.  Opening day, Nov. 23, is the latest possible under the current nine-day format that includes the Thanksgiving holiday. Last year’s Nov. 17 opener was the earliest possible and hit […]

  • Two Bucks with One Bolt?

    It happened Oct. 25 in Door County One of the most unusual deer tales you’re likely to hear this season happened to a youth hunter in Door County last weekend. Fourteen-year-old Matiah Christensen of Green Bay was hunting from a covered tree stand Oct. 25 with her uncle Collin Jeanquart and cousin Sydney Jeanquart on […]

  • Michigan, Indiana Announce Salmon-Stocking Increases

    Two down, two to go. The Departments of Natural Resources in Michigan and Indiana have announced significant increases in chinook-salmon stocking beginning in 2020. Both states are planning to raise and release an additional 150,000 chinooks, or 300,000 combined.  In addition, Indiana is going to reduce fall fingerling plants of coho salmon and raise and […]

  • Leaves Falling, Deer Moving as Pre-Rut Activity Heats Up

    If you’re an avid deer hunter, we’re entering the season you’ve waited all year for. Whitetail buck activity is picking up and will peak during the next four to five weeks as they seek out mates. Colorful leaves are falling, opening the woodlands. Even better, a hard frost last weekend took care of most mosquitoes.  […]

  • Bundle Up and Get Outside during Cold, Windy Weekend

    Lovers of the outdoors who are looking for a perfect weekend to enjoy their favorite pursuits are not going to find one anytime soon.  A gorgeous weather week is expected to head south by the time you read this, with gusty winds pushing in cold air from late Thursday night to early Monday morning. Heavy […]

  • Youth Gun Deer Hunt Adds More Color to Fall

    Fall colors are starting to fire up on the peninsula, the beginning of what’s likely to be a two- to three-week period of spectacular beauty. In addition to the reds, yellows and rusty browns, the keen-eyed among you might spot some blaze orange or blaze pink this weekend as hundreds of youth hunters get out […]

  • Many Factors Contribute to Bird Species Decline

    Unless you’ve been off your devices this week or are on a break from reading newspapers, watching television and listening to the radio, you’ve likely seen or heard the dire news concerning North American birds.  But is it really that bad? Before I get blasted by fellow birders, factory-farm opponents and climate-change activists, let me […]

  • Black-Bear Hunt Largely an ‘Up North’ Experience

    Black bears have greatly expanded their range in Wisconsin, but they are still far and away most common in the vast forests of northern Wisconsin. Rarely, though, bears or bear tracks are spotted in Door and Kewaunee counties. Don’t believe it? Several bears were killed by hunters or vehicles in Door County decades ago. Interest […]

  • First Fall Hunting Permits Go on Sale This Weekend

    If you’re looking for a bonus wild turkey tag or an antlerless deer permit for your up-north getaway, don’t press the snooze button during the coming days. Only 2,000 bonus turkey permits are available for Zone 2, which includes Door and Kewaunee counties. They’ll go on sale at 10 am on Saturday, Aug. 17, for […]

  • Welch’s Return to Fishing One for the Record Books

    Anglers caught the heaviest chinooks since the 1990s in this year’s Kewaunee/Door County Salmon Tournament. There were 13 heavier than 30 pounds that were officially in the money, plus a half-dozen others taken to official scales with no tournament ticket.  A trio of Door County graduates topped the list of winners in a contest that […]

  • Green Bay Offers Anglers a Smorgasbord of Species

    Green Bay anglers are finding a smorgasbord of fish species willing to take the bait. Yellow perch action is heating up right along with the weather this month, and there’s been a wide variety of sizes available. Many anglers are keeping fish seven to 11 inches, with an occasional jumbo that’s a foot long or […]

  • Kayaking Algoma Celebrates the Wild Side of the Ahnapee

    One of the fastest growing sports in North America is taking off in Algoma, too. Whether you enjoy the solitude on a leisurely paddle or prefer a good conversation and hearty workout with others, kayaking has something for everyone. You can float, photograph and fish the Ahnapee River, experience the clear water and forested shorelines […]

  • Salmon Fever Strikes as Tournament Nears

    Gorgeous colors fill the eastern skies at 5 am on Lake Michigan, and you’re sipping a cup of steaming-hot coffee to wash down a freshly baked doughnut. Or maybe the sun has just dipped below the western horizon on a sultry summer night, and you’re gripping an ice-cold can of soda. The lake is calm […]

  • Unprecedented High Water Closes Kewaunee Boat Ramps

    Lake Michigan’s record-high water levels are eroding shorelines, causing problems with docks and leading to flooding in some river systems every time there’s a significant rain event. But last week’s announcement that the public boat-launching ramps in Kewaunee would be closed beginning July 1 was a shock to hundreds of anglers and the dozens of […]

  • Hook, Line and Sinker: Fishing Success Requires Nothing Fancy

    Growing up with a fishing pole in one hand and a net in the other, I didn’t need the latest study to tell me that relaxing outdoors and being close to nature were the primary reasons why many people fished, or that folks who participate in outdoor recreation are often more satisfied with life. For […]

  • Outdoor Must-Haves, K/D Salmon Tournament, ICAST

    Summer is finally here, but “cooler by the lake” – and bay – may still bein our vocabulary for another week or two. The extended forecast showshighs only in the mid-60s to low 70s and overnight lows in the 50s, withour wet spring continuing into early summer. Although there’s no heat wave on the horizon, […]

  • Get Back in the Game with Bargain-Priced Fishing Licenses

    Fog rose like wisps of smoke off the flat-calm water, and songbirds greeted the new day with some of nature’s finest music. The old rowboat creaked and groaned with each calculated stroke of the oars, and I hand-scooped warm lake water and dripped it onto the oar sleeve in an effort to quiet the approach […]

  • Lake Michigan Water Levels Highest Many Have Seen

    If you’re age 33 or younger, you’ve never seen Green Bay and Lake Michigan water levels higher than they were last weekend. And – depending on what the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers finds this week – there’s a chance that we could be looking at an all-time record as we head into June. Frequent […]

  • Memorial Day Weekend: Busy on the Water

    Spring is here and summer is near, but it’s still winter in the water. That’s one of the safety-related messages that the Wisconsin DNR and U.S. Coast Guard has for boaters and other recreationists as we head into a busy holiday weekend. Water has gradually been warming into the 50s in some shallow bays and […]