Peninsula Pulse Letters Policy

As of 11-11-16

Do you have an opinion you’d like to share? To see it on Peninsula Pulse’s letters page, please follow the guidelines here and send to: Peninsula Pulse, PO Box 694, Baileys Harbor, WI 54202; (preferred) email [email protected].

  • Letters must be addressed to the editor in order to appropriately distinguish them from general company correspondence.
  • Generally, we limit letters to 500 words.
  • Letters must include contact information, including name, daytime telephone, mailing address and email address. Only the author’s name and town of residence will appear in the paper.
  • Anonymous submissions will not be accepted.
  • Peninsula Pulse reserves the right to edit, to add titles to and/or retitle submissions, to print at the time of our discretion, and to refuse.
  • Peninsula Pulse reserves the right to refuse any letter at any time due to limited space or for any reason deemed appropriate.
  • Multiple letters addressing the same or similar topics may be omitted.
  • Letters not appearing in the print edition may, but are not guaranteed to, be printed online.
  • Opinions expressed within the letters on our pages – regardless of political, religious or philosophical content – should be accepted as those of their authors and not those of Peninsula Pulse, its owners or its staff .
  • Questions regarding our policy can be sent in writing, or call 920.839.2121 for more information.

Online Commenting Policy

As of Nov. 11, 2016, the Peninsula Pulse will no longer allow online comments to be posted anonymously or under a pseudonym. All comments must include the poster’s name. We find that people who use their names carry on more engaging, respectful conversations. In fairness to all, the Peninsula Pulse reserves the right to remove any posts without the author’s name.

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