About Us

The Peninsula Pulse is Door County’s resources for news, arts and entertainment.

Founded in 1996 by David Eliot and Tom McKenzie, the Pulse was launched to bring a fresh perspective to the people, lifestyle, arts, and literature culture of the Door County peninsula. Now owned by Eliot, the Peninsula Pulse and its distribution and film companies employ 15 full-time and up 10 part-time employees dedicated to bringing the stories of Door County to print, the web, and film.

Pulse Cover Lit Contest Today the paper is the area’s trusted resource for local news, entertainment, opinion, and arts news. The Pulse claims a staff of writers, reporters, editors, and salespeople deeply entwined with the ethic of the peninsula and strives to be not just a reflection of its community, but a driving force of change and self-examination.

Inside its pages, the Pulse contains the area’s most comprehensive event calendar, gallery and arts information, the best of regional literature, thoughtful news coverage, feature stories and interviews, stunning photography, business information and listings, regular columnists, classifieds, humor, horoscopes and much more – in short, the Pulse reveals the real tapestry of Door County.

The Peninsula Pulse is published weekly, with print runs up to 15,000 newspapers during the summer and fall months and 9,000 newspapers during the winter and spring months.

The paper is distributed to over 700 high-traffic locations from Kewaunee to Washington Island including tourist centers, hotels and resorts, bed and breakfasts, retail locations, restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores, professional businesses, coffee shops and almost everywhere people gather in Door and Kewaunee counties.