68 ‘Shorelined’ Across Death’s Door

Members of the Friends of Plum and Pilot Island (FOPPI) organization made five trips on their passenger boat, The Shoreline, from Gills Rock to Plum and Pilot Islands during the annual Door County Fall Lighthouse Festival, held Sept. 30 – Oct. 2. 

A total of 68 passengers made the trip through Death’s Door during the three-day event, learned about the natural and maritime history of the region from FOPPI guides on land and water, and had the opportunity to climb the front and rear range lights on Plum Island.

During the visits, a contractor was on Plum Island finishing up the window-restoration project for the historical 1895 lifesaving station, and FOPPI volunteers Paul and Jude Kuenn completed the installation and painting of the pilasters on the Plum Island boathouse.

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