A Shower of Kittens

Young and old showered the Door County Humane Society (DCHS) with gifts of cat food, bleach, blankets and more at the first-ever Kitten Shower held May 10. The humane society in turn offered guests cake, punch, games and a chance to peek at their newest litters of kitties.

A cat-lover myself, I stopped by to coo at the little kitties – some playful, some sleepy, some content to gaze at all the spectators. I also stepped into a few of the rooms with five or six adult cats. I merely sat on a bench and in a few seconds three or four cats rubbed against my boots, my elbows, leapt on my lap and purred blissfully. Heaven.

“Hundreds of people attended,” said Nancy Fisher, DCHS program coordinator. “Many, many kids enjoyed meeting our animals.”

The event raised $974 in monetary donations and several hundred dollars worth of donations of cat food, paper products and more.

“We are grateful for this extraordinary community response to our first-ever Kitten Show,” said Fisher, adding, “The first litters of kittens will be available in June!”

For more information about the DCHS visit or call 920.746.1111.