“A Two Story House” Play Reading at Bjِrklunden

Peninsula Players Theatre, through its program The Play’s The Thing, presents a play reading of the thought-provoking comedy A Two Story House by Kathleen Thompson at Björklunden April 7 at 7 pm. The comedy examines the relationship between two couples as well as exploring who we are and how we love.

A Two Story House features the lives of two couples, Ben and Tracy, and Pat and Becky, who share the same house, but don’t know that the other couple are there – they live on different planes of existence. Their worlds collide when Tracy and Pat begin to materialize to each other. Through their meetings they explore who they are and what love means to them.

Ben, Tracy, Becky and Pat have been relishing their life in the country. Quiet summer nights, dinners in the garden and romantic walks. They have their ups and downs, and lately more downs than ups.

Ben is putting in late hours and weekends at work and Tracy misses spending time with her husband. Artist Becky has been focused on her latest creation and has buried herself in her home studio, leaving her husband Pat craving more closeness and warmth. People fall in and out of love, don’t they?

Unbeknownst to either couple they have been sharing the same house and living space. Then one day Tracy catches a glimpse of Pat, and Pat of Tracy. Each thinks the other is a ghost. As they start to communicate each becomes more visible and solid to the other. Are they real? Or have they conjured up their perfect partner from thin air?

A Two Story House had its premiere in 1982 at The Commons Theatre in Chicago where it was slated for a six-week run. It was so well received that it was extended to a 13-week run.

The cast will be directed by Peninsula Players Artistic Director Greg Vinkler. Admission to the reading is free. For more information visit