ARS in Camera Open House at Wyatt’s Gallery

After eight years operating Wyatt’s Gallery by appointment only, Peter and Victoria are opening their home to the general public. On Oct. 4 – 14, the gallery will be open from noon to 5 pm. This is an opportunity to view images of Door County and the world in a beautiful country home. When asked, friend Ellen Benodin described this type of presentation as “ars in camera” which is Latin for “art in chambers or rooms.”

Peter Wyatt’s passion for photography began with black and white film during his service with the Royal Navy. Now, he turns that passion to his favorite subjects using black and white imagery to reveal the form and line that attracts his eye. The most emotive images may be those of the draft horses captured at rest and while exerting intense effort in the Valmy Thresheree horse-pulling contest.

Wyatt says, “It takes creativity, energy, expense, preparation and timing to capture a moment in history, an image of life that never again can be repeated. That is the value of an original photograph.”

Wyatt’s Gallery is located at 4145 Cherry Road, Sevastopol. For more information call 920.559.3686 or visit