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  • A Potter’s Haven: The Tradition and Art of Pottery in Door County

    Ask anyone who’s been to a pottery studio in Door County and they will probably tell you two things about their experience. First, they’ll tell you that making pottery is more complicated than one might think. It requires dexterity, skill, and an intimate knowledge of clay and glaze combinations, firing techniques, science and art. The […]

  • Pamela Murphy, Door County Living, Door County, artist, Door County artist, art

    Trapped & Rescued

    The pictorial effects and unanswered questions emanating from Pamela Murphy’s paintings suggest she should be in New York, Chicago or Los Angeles. Instead art collectors from these cities purchase her work while visiting Door County, knowing they have discovered an artist whose work extends past the county’s landscapes to suggest something more familiar. It is […]

  • Putting Me to Sleep in Frog Pajamas

    A redneck and an aspiring artist driving cross-country in a 65-foot roast turkey. A beautiful princess living in the attic of a house surrounded by blackberry brambles, with nothing but a cot, a chamber pot, and a pack of camel cigarettes, philosophizing about love.

  • Chutney: An Ode

    John “Kotar” Kotarski riddles without reason.

  • A Short Dilemma

    It is the first day of summer. All of your friends are calling to come out and play.

  • Alabama Mike among the Rainbow People

    Mr. Norris tells the story of Mike and his Love Cakes.

  • The Song that Lives in a Chambered Shell

    However hard you may search for it
    you will never be able to grasp it
    you can only become it.

    Maslow called it ecstasy.

  • The Tattooed Diver

    The brass bell
    at the end of the dock
    announces his coming.
    Hood pushed back
    his yellow slicker hangs
    open to the kiss of rain
    sprawling its spongy arms
    across the island.

  • Good Intentions and Other Stones in the Road

    In late October the safe margins
    of the day close in like old age.
    The sky drops its blue cap
    under a cloud dense and dark
    as tar.