Artisans Don’t Hibernate

While most of the county is “closed until spring,” Ellison Bay artisans are working hard to stock up their inventory for the upcoming busy season. Two potteries – Clay Bay Pottery and Ellison Bay Pottery – are making beautiful pots, platters and mugs to be put on the display for many Door County visitors in the coming months. Turtle Ridge Gallery has drawers full of leather products waiting to be seen.

At Turtle Ridge, drawers are filled with a wide variety of different handmade leather accessories. Most of them are made during winter months when all the leather scraps are cut to make coin pouches and functional wallets. Winter and early spring months are a great time to develop new designs and test their function and production challenges. Turtle Ridge has a new backpack that is in the works and will be featured in the gallery starting this May. Also, private art camps can be scheduled at any time.

Ellison Bay Pottery’s studio and gallery is the hub of all the creative activities that John Dietrich and Diane McNeil focus on all year. New for the season are pitchers, sculptures, bud vases, bowls of all sizes, teapots, lamps, goblets and ikebanas and little dishes.

Clay Bay studio is humming with activity as Jeanne and David Aurelius create new pieces for the upcoming season. Lamps, mugs, wine coolers, bottles, teapots, candlelights and little plates are all new for the season.

Come and visit these busy artisans during a slower, yet productive part of the year.

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