Assistance With Voter Registration July 21

The League of Women Voters of Door County will be at the Sturgeon Bay Library, 107 S. 4th Ave., on Saturday, July 21, from 9-12 am to assist citizens in registering to vote. Explanations for filling out the form, help in locating clerk and polling places will be provided. A copy of current proof of residence is needed to register. Examples of legal proof of residence showing your current address include a pay stub, bank statement, utility bill or drivers license. Copies may be made at the library for 15 cents. Questions should be directed to Barbara Graul 743.6842, not the library. If you have not voted in a recent election or have moved or changed your name, it is possible that your name has been deleted from the local voting rolls. You will need to re-register. In an effort to update the voting rolls, the Wisconsin Elections Commission mailed postcards to individuals it determined are no longer registered. Postcards were sent as a reminder to register for the fall primary (August) and general election (November). If the name and address are correct on your postcard, you may use it as proof of residence when registering. The League of Women Voters urges all voters to check their registration status at to review your voter registration status. Voters not registered ahead of time can register on Election Day; proof of residence is needed. More information about the League of Women Voters Door County can be found at

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