Bills to Watch: Oct. 25


Workforce-Housing Tax Credits

This bill creates a workforce-housing tax-credit program administered by the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA). Under the bill, WHEDA may certify a person to claim a nonrefundable credit to offset her or his taxes if certain conditions are met. The program is targeted at the manufacturing workforce in largely rural areas. Rep. Joel Kitchens is co-sponsoring the bill, which is currently in the Committee on Housing and Real Estate.


Green Bay Harbor Assistance Grant

This bill states that the owner of land that abuts a navigable waterway is presumed to be a riparian owner and is entitled to exercise all rights afforded to a riparian owner – such as reasonable use of the waterway – unless those rights are specifically prohibited by the deed to the land.

The bill was a response to a 2018 Wisconsin Supreme Court decision that ruled that landowners whose deed does not explicitly grant access to the water bed of flowages may not erect and maintain a pier. This bill, which essentially overturns the Supreme Court decision, is in the Committee on Housing and Real Estate.