Bills to Watch: Tobacco Purchasing Age, Disaster Assistance, Supermajority

AB 422 / SB 364

Raising the legal age to purchase tobacco

This bill changes the age for purchasing cigarettes, tobacco products and nicotine products from 18 to 21 and imposes a minimum age of 21 for purchasing vapor products. The surge in popularity of e-cigarettes, some of which have been linked to severe lung damage, has prompted states to boost the age for buying these devices along with combustible tobacco products.

AB 380 / SB 369

Streamlining disaster assistance

This bill streamlines the reimbursement process for disaster assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to local governments and modernizes the communications and payment processes. The bill requires the state to forward disaster funds to a local government within 14 days of receiving aid from the federal government.

LRB 4319 / LRB 4800

Requiring a supermajority for certain county board votes

This bill would require a supermajority of votes by a county board when a proposed ordinance or law affects only towns. The legislation seeks to correct an imbalance if the majority of county board members represents urban areas or incorporated municipalities. The bill is circulating for co-sponsorship until Nov. 25.