Door County has never been known as a liberal bastion, but in 2010, the national Republican electoral landslide rumbled onto the peninsula as well.

In 2008, Dick Skare nearly rode a top-heavy Democratic ticket to victory over Garey Bies in the 1st Assembly District race. In 2010, Bies hammered Skare in their rematch, getting a boost from strong Republican turnout at the polls to take 58 percent of the vote.

In the 1st Senate District race, Door County saw a change in representatives, if not in name. Longtime state Senator Alan Lasee retired, opening the door for his cousin, Frank Lasee, to fill his seat. Lasee easily defeated Democratic challenger Monk Elmer, who mustered only 40 percent of the vote.

Incumbent Terry Vogel gathered 59 percent of the votes in the Door County Sheriff’s race, a rematch with Democrat Will Oakley that garnered headlines when Oakley charged Vogel with campaign misconduct. A judge rejected that charge.

Steve Kagen’s tenure as 8th Congressional District representative came to an end as well in November. Kagen, who had surprised many by winning consecutive terms in the traditional Republican stronghold, fell to Reid Ribble, a roofing contractor from Appleton.

Ironically, in a year that saw citizens shout for lower taxes and less government, Northern Door voters overwhelmingly approved a revenue limit override referendum for Gibraltar School. With a direct option to raise or lower their taxes, district residents voted for the former at a 64 percent clip.

Finally, at the state and national level, Wisconsin went red, tabbing Republican Scott Walker to succeed Jim Doyle as Governor, and electing Ron Johnson over Democratic stalwart Russ Feingold for U.S. Senate.