Book Recommendation: ‘The Comfort Book’ by Matt Haig

Recommended by Dawn Taylor, Technical Services, Acquisitions, Cataloger, Door County Library

Do you ever find an author you like and then read everything written by that author? I’ve been doing this with Matt Haig. 

You might have read his recent and popular speculative-fiction novel, The Midnight Library. But unlike that book and most of his others, which are novels, The Comfort Book is a self-help book – yet one without the sales pitch of “Your life will be perfect if you just follow my program,” which many in the genre promise.

Instead, this book provides comfort the way a good friend does when you’re experiencing sadness, anger, anxiety or other difficult emotions. Reading and rereading this in small doses or all at once will help you connect to yourself and others and will inspire you to keep moving forward through all the messy parts of life.

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