Call of the Birders

While volunteers helping survey Wisconsin birds have already lit up the record books before prime nesting season even begins, survey organizers are calling for more avid and interested birders to join the cause to provide the most comprehensive account yet of the birds that call Wisconsin home.

“Already, volunteers are setting new records for the atlas survey and changing what we know of the breeding bird landscape in Wisconsin,” says Nick Anich, Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas coordinator for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. “We’ve had some great findings so far. But there is still so much more to learn and we need more volunteers to help better our understanding of Wisconsin birds.”

The survey, last done 20 years ago, helps assess whether populations of bird species that nest and raise their young in Wisconsin are increasing, decreasing or staying the same. The results will shape bird conservation efforts over the coming generation.

Volunteers can enter their data online using a customized atlas portal to eBird, a web-based reporting system many birders already use to keep track of their bird sightings and scientists use to harness the power of millions of birdwatchers worldwide.