Cheese Maker Searches for Liquor License in Jacksonport

After learning at its Dec. 19 meeting that the Town of Sevastopol wants $100,000 for one of its three reserve liquor licenses, Mike Brennenstuhl of Door Artisan Cheese went to the Town of Jacksonport meeting on Dec. 20 and said he would be interested in one of the three reserve licenses Jacksonport holds. Town Chair Randy Halstead said Brennenstuhl would be willing to pay $50,000 for one of the town’s licenses. Halstead said the town Plan Commission will discuss the license sale at its Jan. 9 meeting, but Halstead said the town will not want to act on any of this until Brennenstuhl has concluded his interest in the Sevastopol license. Brennenstuhl told the Sevastopol Town Board that he would have an answer for them regarding the $100,000 license at their January meeting.

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