City Nudges Forward on Granary Agreement

The Sturgeon Bay City Council overrode another veto by Mayor Thad Birmingham on March 5.

The council had previously voted not to join an appeal of the Department of Natural Resources ruling on the location of the Ordinary High Water Mark (OHWM) on the city’s west waterfront. That appeal was brought by a group of private citizens who are arguing that the ruling could impact use and values for many other properties in the City of Sturgeon Bay and throughout the state. The council overruled the mayor’s veto as it has two other times in recent meetings.

The council met in closed session to review the latest changes to a proposed development agreement with the Sturgeon Bay Historical Society for the Teweles and Brandeis grain elevator. The council previously approved the society’s request to move the elevator back to its original location on the west waterfront, but it is negotiating to ensure that the move and renovations will not end up costing the city any money. Alderwoman Laurel Hauser said the council hopes to be able to vote on an agreement at its next meeting.

The historical society will host a public presentation on the future of the granary Saturday, March 9, at 3 pm at the Union Supper Pub. Jeffrey Beane of Silman, James Dallman of La Dallman, and Michael Till will discuss the project and introduce their firms. There will be discussion about possible alternatives, strategies and desired amenities.

Mayoral Forum

The League of Women Voters will host a forum with mayoral candidates David Ward and Shawn Fairchild on March 12, 6:30 pm, in the council chambers at City Hall.