The Clearing Has Openings for 2017 Classes

The Clearing still has openings in many of its 2017 weeklong classes, including openings for commuter students in many classes. If you’ve been thinking about taking a class as a commuter, but just haven’t gotten around to it, now is a good time to register.

The Clearing reserves one spot in each class (there are three or four classes each week) for a commuter student. Commuters can register for that spot as soon as registrations begin in mid-February. Additional spots for commuter students are often available for many classes, if space is available, but that is usually not known until a month or so before the class begins. So it really pays to get on the waiting list for the class.

The “package” for commuter students at The Clearing includes seven meals—supper on Sunday and Friday and all five noon meals. Commuters can sign up for extra meals, if desired. Many do, since the family-style meals served in the Lodge dining room are such a big part of The Clearing “experience.”

To see a list of The Clearing’s 2017 weeklong classes and for registration information, visit Call 920.854.4088 to request a catalog.

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