Congratulations to Deb Wiegand and Shelley Peterson

Just past the winery on Highway 42 in Carlsville
Sits a little shop and café called Door County Coffee & Tea, Co.
And on this early weekday morning within the shop’s doors
Deb and Shelley go through the coffee process: grind, brew, then pour.

It’s a job Deb has been doing for the past year-and-a-half
Familiarizing herself with all kinds of coffee, whether regular, blended or decaf.
Coworker Shelley joined the crew six months after Deb did
Happily realizing that among the locals and servers she fit right in.

From that moment on the two became partners in crime
In their mission to serve only the best food and drinks to those in line.
They will always recommend a blended latte with syrup that certainly doesn’t lack
Though they both prefer their own cup of Kona or Sumatra black.

Deb is a lover of Packers, camping and bonfires,
Where she can sit alongside the crackling warmth and look up at the stars.
Shelley loves baking, Brewers and cheering on the Packers,
Whether they win or lose, she’ll always be a home team backer.

So the next time you make your way through Door County,
Be sure to pay a visit to Door County Coffee & Tea
Where you’re likely to see two friends ready to serve up
A smile, good eats and delicious coffee in a cup.