“Discover Wisconsin” Features State Parks in New Episode

Discover Wisconsin partnered with the Wisconsin Department of Tourism to showcase the beauty, recreation and history of Wisconsin’s state parks in an upcoming episode. Each segment of the show spotlights a different state park and adds a new twist by featuring real families sharing their state park experiences and personal stories.

“Wisconsin state parks, forests, trails and recreation areas have a lead role in the state’s No. 1 ranking for scenic beauty and outdoor recreation when compared to its Midwest competitors,” said Wisconsin Tourism Secretary Stephanie Klett. “We encourage people to tune in to this episode because viewers get an inside look at both the park’s hidden features as well as meeting visitors having real experiences in the parks.”

“Wisconsin’s State Parks – Where Nature Meets Wow” premieres on Fox Sports Wisconsin at 10 am on Feb. 4. Visit for local air times, or stream the episode online after Feb. 4.

The episode kicks off at Devils Lake State Park in Baraboo where Klett interviews State Parks Director Ben Bergey about the park’s unique geological features, such as the bluffs and Balance Rock.

At Peninsula State Park, co-host Jake Zimmermann closes out the episode with a visit to Nicolet Beach, an early 1800s historic lighthouse and the only golf course in the Wisconsin State Parks system. Zimmermann also takes in a Lake Michigan fishing trip with Wacky Walleye Guide Services and pays a visit to Northern Sky Theater.

“Wisconsin’s State Parks – Where Nature Meets Wow” will reach Discover Wisconsin’s broadcast network of 500,000 viewers across the upper Great Lakes region, including Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Northern Illinois, and Upper Michigan. To learn more, visit

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