DNR Seeking Feedback on Commercial Fishing Nets

Proposed research to understand the potential benefits and impacts of commercial fishers using large mesh gill nets to catch whitefish on Lake Michigan is the topic of two public meetings. Currently, such large mesh gill nets are allowed in Wisconsin’s Lake Michigan waters north of Baileys Harbor and in Green Bay but are not allowed south of Baileys Harbor due to concerns about the potential impact they may have on other game fish through unintentional bycatch and mortality and user conflicts. Commercial fishers have requested the change to more efficiently harvest their whitefish quota and the Department of Natural Resources is open to considering a large mesh gill net study in this area. All interested stakeholders are encouraged to attend one of two public meetings:  Dec. 5, Green Bay, 5-7 pm during the Lake Michigan Commercial Fishing Board at the DNR Service Center, Lake Michigan Room, 2984 Shawano Ave.; Dec. 7, Cleveland, 6-8 pm during the Lake Michigan Fisheries Forum at Lakeshore Technical College, Wells Fargo Room, 1290 North Ave. Those unable to attend can comment via email before Dec. 10, [email protected].

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